almost anywhere by family and friends cannot be understated.

Each image is presented sequentially for six seconds in the running order of your choice. If you do not supply a running order, the images will be presented at random. For quality reasons we set a cap of 600 images per DVD Slideshow, which therefore has a running time of one hour. Each DVD is in widescreen 16:9 format, so depending on the format of the original photograph, there may be black space either side of the screen when viewed on a TV, this is normal and is the best compromise considering all the various possibilities. We will never crop your images.

For costing purposes we split the service into two parts, Digital and Analog. The first part is for Slideshows from digital JPEG images and the second is for Slideshows produced from film, slides and prints.

Digital images are accepted in the JPEG format usually on a memory card. JPEG is the most common and widely available format for digital images. If your images are in a different format from JPEG, they must be converted to JPEG at an extra cost to be advised.

Analog images are accepted in the form of film negatives, film slides and prints. Analog images must first be scanned into the digital JPEG format, which accounts for the increased cost.

Download our price list for Photo Slideshow to DVD here.