and Standard 16mm in the medium gauge.

8mm is by far the most popular format of Cine film. If you don't know which format of Cine film you have, it is quite likely to be Super 8mm or Standard 8mm, but you can make sure by referring to our Guide to Cine Film Formats here.

Most amateur Cine film comes without sound. When you see a magnetic brown stripe (sound stripe) running down the edge of the film, there maybe sound on the film. We can transfer Cine without sound to DVD if you wish.

We transfer Cine with sound to DVD at an extra cost of 50%.

The most popular reel sizes of Cine film are 600ft reels, 400ft reels, 200ft reels and by far the most common, 50ft reels, please refer to our Guide to Cine Film Formats here to check what you have.

Download our price list for Cine Film to DVD here.