video clips stored on these little memory cards, however it seems that every time you buy a new camera it may use a different file format than before and take different and larger capacity memory cards than the last one. Sometimes when it comes to view your memories on a computer you may need the latest drivers and encoders installed on your machine to view the video and if that wasn’t enough, then some video formats require that you have a superfast machine, otherwise the video will not play properly and will stutter and stop and start at random.

What you really need is a readily viewable, high quality version of your videos that you can easy watch and share with family and friends. Transferring your Memory Card Videos to DVD is the perfect way of achieving this.

The frame rate of video stored on memory cards can vary substantially from the 15 frames per second used in mobile phones to the 30 frames per second used in compact point and shoot style cameras. The frame rates in common use today are 15, 24, 25 and 30 frames per second. TransferConvert will convert all your video to the 25 frames per second PAL format used in the UK and Europe.

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