When we transfer Analog material to Digital, for example Cine film to DVD, we perform the transfer by recording using broadcast quality 3 CCD High Definition (HD) cameras through to HDMI or component
When we transfer Digital material to Digital, for example Video on a SD Card to DVD, we perform the transcoding through high end software algorithms which maintain best quality all the way to the DVD
All our transfers are conducted to best quality and we conform to industry best practice. Currently our turn around time is within ten days for 80 percent of orders placed.
After we have completed your order, your DVDs are individually wrapped, sealed and shipped to you by Recorded Delivery. This is a free service. As a quality measure, we recommend waiting until after your DVDs arrive before you arrange for the subsequent shipping of your original items back home.

For local customers we operate a drop-off and collect, cash & carry service as a convenient alternative to our mail order business, just follow the directions here.