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Rectilux Family

All CinemaScope adapters are available as self- assembled/fitted units.


Models 5FF and 7FF attract Duty Free export when the option to have the anamorphic optics factory fitted is specified.

How to Order

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Rectilux Price List

Rectilux FF Service Assurance

Rectilux FF Custom CinemScope adapters are precision optical equipment that from time to time may require servicing or repair, depending on usage. The uniqueness of Rectilux FF Custom CinemScope adapters means worry free ownership when it comes down to service.

Transfer Convert Cinemania offer a return to base, full clean, lube and adjustment (CLA) when necessary and in the case of repair also maintain a spares holding* to keep you going.


Transfer Convert Cinemania ship tracked worldwide using recognised international carriers.

All shipping charges are added at cost and there is no handling fee.

Transfer Convert Cinemania always ship with full insurance and the full value is always declared for duty and tax purposes.

If you require a shipping quote, please use the contact form, alternatively you can search online yourself for the best deals from UPS, Fedex, DHL etc. Items are normally shipped within 5 working days of cleared payment.

The vintage look digitally remastered . . .

Rectilux single focus anamorphic attachments unleash the power of vintage optics from Europe and the Far East and are available either as self-assembly or factory fitted units. Rectilux single focus anamorphic attachments have neutral optical transfer function, multi-element focusing optics to preserve the character of the base anamorphic and of the spherical taking lens. Coated or uncoated options are available.

Stretch your imagination 2X . . .

Rectilux single focus anamorphic attachments unleash the

2X stretch* aesthetic in the time-honoured movie tradition and provide a faithful rendition of what you see on the big screen, complete with stunning deep blue anamorphic flares**, oval iris reflections and beautiful waterfall/painterly bokeh.


                                    *when focussed at infinity **base anamorphic dependent

How close can you go?  . . .

Rectilux single focus anamorphic attachments have single follow focus (FF) operation and optional Floating Zone Focus system for improved close focusing. The housing and focussing optics are designed using CAD software and are precision engineered to very close tolerances. I call this process [[REVISIONEERING]].

Quick change anamorphic lens system . . .

Rectilux 3FF series single focus anamorphic attachments are supplied with a quick change anamorphic lens mount system  Changing anamorphic lenses is a simple procedure that can be performed in less than one minute. There is also support for standard 15mm rods near the centre of gravity for best balance.

Floating Zone Focus . . .

The optical optimisation of the focusing system was performed with a Floating Zone Focus system in mind. The design objectives are achieved by variation of axial displacement between individual lens elements or groups which allows the cinematographer to fine tune the focusing system to the shooting environment.

Accessories  . . .

Rectilux single focus anamorphic attachments feature a strengthened front assembly for protection and also support for a follow-focus Mod 0.8 geared ring plus a front filter thread* for ND or split field dioptres. Coupling ring(s) and RectiGrip are supplied.

                                                                                                            *only 3FF models